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In order to eficiently respond to your enquiry we require some basic information.  Please kindly answer the following 10 questions and submit with your enquiry.  Please also forward your plans for our consideration to elevenconstruct@gmail.com.  This information will help us assess your needs and respond in appropriate manner.  Once we receive your responses we will be in contact with you to arrange a time to meet and discuss your building project.

To eliminate any surprises during construction, we provide our valued clients with a full comprehensive, fixed price tender.  The cost of this service is from $750.00 incl GST and is dependent on the size of the project.  This includes a consultation with Eleven Construction to review and answer any questions you may have.  If you choose to build with Eleven Construction, this preliminary agreement fee prepared using a HIA Preliminary Agreement contract is deducted from your deposit for construction which is payable upon signing a HIA Domestic Building contract.

In order for us to deliver value we charge for our services.  In every aspect of our business we only deliver highest level of quality and quality requires time, effort and focus.  Rather than pricing using a meter rate on the area of your project, we go to the effort of producing a Bill of Quantities and source quotes from our Suppliers and Sub-Contractors.  

The clients we have worked with have advised us that they prefer to pay for quotes because they have recourse - in that they are paying for a service and getting value for money. We expend upwards of 20 hours on each quote.  Each quotation is comprehensive, outlining costs, scheduling, detailed 20 page inclusion list and delivers QUALITY AND CERTAINTY to our clients.
We can assure you that engaging Eleven Construction in the preliminary stages and beyond, will add value to your whole construction process. Our knowledge and expertise, from plan to actual, is proven and you will find that your investment will pay dividends as our procedures and systems are well practised and very thorough. 

Kindly answer the following questionnaire in order for us to assess your enquiry:

1. How did you hear about us?
2. Do you have plans?
3. When will you like to start?
4. Do you have your finances organised?
5. What is your budget for this project?
6. Type of finishes expected? i.e. budget builders range, Mid-Range, High-End or other
7. Have you worked with a builder in the past?
    7a. If Yes, is this builder quoting you on this project?
8. What are you looking for in your preferred builder?
9. How many other builders have you spoken to?
10. Brief description of your project.

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